St Teresa’s Nursery School is a Catholic Maintained Coeducational Nursery School.

We welcome children and staff from other faith denominations. During the school year 2017-18, the intake of the school will be 52. All pupils will be in their pre-primary year. Opened in 1994, St. Teresa’s Nursery School, affectionally known as ‘The Butterfly School’, is a purpose built nursery, traditionally catering for the needs of pre-school children in the parish of St. Teresa’s. Our aim is to provide high quality nursery education in a just and caring environment.

Parents and other adults are a child’s first teachers. When a child comes to school, they brings with them an array of different experiences. It is on these experiences, which we build. This can best be done by parents, adults and teachers working together in partnership both at home and school. St. Teresa's Nursery is part of West Belfast Area Learning Community and we are fostering links with both our feeder childcare settings and local primary schools.  St. Teresa's Nursery is also partnered with two schools.   Through the Shared Education project, we work with parents, staff and children in Shaftesbury Nursery in the Shankhill, sharing educational experiences and building relationships.  Further afield we have been partnered with a school in Denmark Bornehuset Labyrinten’ as part of an eTwinning project focused on ICT in Early Years.  All of these partnerships allow the children to experience a depth and quality to their learning experiences.

In St. Teresa's we have a strong focus on meeting the individual needs of the child.  We observe children's patterns of behaviour (schema's) and plan activities accordingly to maximise children's involvement in their play, enabling them to 'be the best that they can be'.  Staff are highly skilled in meeting children's language and communication needs. We have held 'Makaton Friendly' status since 2016, this was reissued in January 2018.


Latest News

Green Day

15th March 2018

The boys and girls had great fun when "Wee Folk" came to visit.  We listened to and played the instruments.  We joined in, clapping to the rhythm and dancing to the beat....

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Best in the West

15th March 2018

Please vote for our very own Mrs Bradley - the best dinner lady in the West!...

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Upcoming Events

23rd March 2018
Easter Egg Hunt Shared Education (9-12)
29th March 2018
Easter Parade and Ballot (Parents welcome11.00-11.30 (no lunch))
30th March 2018
Easter Holiday
2nd April 2018
Easter Holiday
3rd April 2018
Easter Holiday
4th April 2018
Easter Holiday
5th April 2018
Easter Holiday
6th April 2018
Easter Holiday
11th April 2018
Shared Education - Easter Craft (9-12)
19th April 2018
Arc Farm Visit (9.30)

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St. Teresa's Nursery School, 24 Bearnagh Glen, Belfast BT11 8HR | 028 9061 6944

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